Title: What the Water Wants is Hurricanes
Fandom: Glee
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,138
Summary: Once, she almost tells him at lunch, almost lets her fist slip out from under her chin so she tilts forward and closes the thirteen inches of space between them. It's a rickety seesaw she's sitting on, and she knows one of these days she's going to slide right off.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Fox, et al. — I'm just having fun. ;-)
Notes: Title from the song "Sister" by Sufjan Stevens. Randomly written while I was procrastinating on studying for my Geology test (because really, unrequited love is more interesting than rocks). Unbeta'ed, so all mistakes are mine.

This? This is starting. And she needs to stop. Or maybe she needs to stop starting, but, really, it's easier to learn how to finally stop. Hypothetically. )
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